Tuesday, August 16, 2022


W: 336.6        Day 7/14

  • Short bus duty
  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Write
  • Clean out car
  • Work on BOB
  • Make and can sauce
  • Dehydrate peppers
  • Make Chili

I have 'Work on BOB' on my to-do list today.  What or who is BOB?
It stands for 'Bug Out Bag', and is meant to be an easily grabbed bag of stuff that helps you deal with a situation where you need to leave home on an emergency basis.

I've had BOB's much of my life, in various formats, and they change as life changes.  These days I call it my OSB, which stands for 'Oh Shit Bag'.  It's no longer about running away but leans more towards dealing with unhappy incidents.

By far, over the years, the most useful things I've ever had in my OSB has been spare clothes, followed by first aid supplies.

Today I shall grab a suitable bag and look at reasonable options.  I'm too old and busted up to 'run away', but that doesn't mean I won't be able to help someone again. It's happened before.

Late entry on the To-Do list.  On the way back from short bus duty I picked up a half bushel of Roma tomatoes and a grocery bag of peppers... all for $20.   Today will have much preparation and preservation in it.

Built a Chili for dinner.   I had a couple steaks (on sale), but not enough for everyone.  What I DO have right now is a ton of tomatoes and peppers.  

Add to that Herself has hinted a few times today that Chili would taste good, which is as good as a command.

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