Sunday, October 2, 2022


W:  334.0

Convo over coffee this morning:
Me:  "So, what was the butt thing last night?"
Herself:  "What?"
Me:  "You were fondling my butt.  A lot.  Kind of aggressively"
Herself:  "What?  Really?"
Me:  "Not that you aren't welcome to, but it almost got creepy"
Herself:  (LOL)  "OH!  I had a dream I was making bread...."
Me:  "Wait... are you saying my butt is doughy?"
Herself: "I remember in the dream I was mad because the dough was too tough..."
Me:   "....... creepy......"

Inflation, economy, Winter heat, fuel, food....  not much I can say at this point if someone is not already paying attention.

Our fuel oil supplier was at $5.69 a gallon at the peak this summer and then dropped to $3.99 last week.  Now they are bouncing, and stand at $4.19 today.  I've got more firewood coming next weekend, but I'd still be happier if the oil tank was full.  It stands at just under 1/2 full right now.  Capt. Fixed-Income hasn't a spare $500 to spend right now.

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