Saturday, October 1, 2022

The egg is doing it's thing...


First up on the grill is kicked-up cornbread.  It features hand cut roast corn, buttermilk, and Magic* seasoning.  Baked in a covered cast iron pan on a 400-degree grill, it had *lots* of butter involved.  So. Damn. Good!

Next up, bone-in pork chops heavily seasoned with Magic* seasoning over open flames.  These only needed about 3 minutes per side as the grill cranked on the heat.

* 'Magic' is a blend of:

  • Smoked and dried tomatoes
  • Smoked and dried sweet red and green peppers
  • Smoked and dried jalapeno peppers
  • Smoked and dried habanero peppers
  • Dried sweet onions
  • Roast and dried and dried garlic
  • Roast and dried tomatoes
  • Fresh ground black pepper
  • Not one gram of salt!
The castle residents swear it's the best stuff they've ever tasted, and it goes into much of what we cook here.

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