Friday, April 9, 2010

Great neighbors

With their fathers permission, I gave the neighbor's boys an air rifle a few weeks back. After all... they can't fire their Mosin's in the backyard without scaring the chickens to death.

This evening, as I write this, my rather large yard is being mowed by a small horde of boy-like creatures. I didn't know they would be doing this today... but I am sure happy they are!

Good neighbors.

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JohnMXL said...

Wish I had a neighbor like you now.

You remind me of the people in the neighborhood in a small Iowa town where I was raised - one neighbor had trees that were great for climbing, another had a big backyard that was great for war / cops'n'robbers / cowboys'n'indians, a third had an empty lot that was great for bicycle games.

We played together, the neighbors kept an eye on us, if anyone caused a problem a quick word to parents was all that was needed. No threats of calls to police, or lawsuits for damages, or worries about liability.

Man, I miss those times!

Bless you for letting the spirits of those kids live!