Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A good dose of random early morning thoughts....

* Do we need anything more than the existence of the TSA in it's present form to tell us exactly what our elected officials think of us cattle? Do we need anything more than the TSA to show us exactly how we need to vote in November? Congress inflicted the TSA on us, and I think it's time to do a whole lot of inflicting right back.

* Our students graduated last night.... and it was a wrenching experience for me. I'm going to feel kind of funny walking into school today without those guys. 'Nuff said on that.... sniff.

* We (senior instructors) have about seven working days to get our labs set for Summer, and ready for next year. We have been 'warned' to not be seen wandering around with a cup of coffee, doing nothing. DOING NOTHING?? I am trying very, very hard to bite back the words I want to use here.... and detail just how insulting that is. My 'To-Do' list for the next week covers a white board, in rather small print. Half a dozen of the chores are multi-person day long events. As usual... far more work load than time to do it... and as usual it will all get done.

* Looking forward to some time 'off', for a certain value of 'off'. I have a mile long list of things I want to do, much of it involving settling in to this house. I have yet to set up the reloading bench, and the garage needs a serious man-land transformation. My 'gunny' project list is long too, with several stock transformations and a few build projects in the mix. My photography to-do list is long..... my jewelry making to-do list is long..... life is full!

* Blackhawk Serpa holster testing.... Some folks are saying I should try that whole 'bury it in crap to see what happens' test using sand and gravel. That sounds like a a good idea, and I'll give it a shot fairly soon. I'm thinking a big stainless steel bucket, filled with sand and fine gravel. Bury the holster with a training gun in it, and play drums on the bucket with hammers for a while to get things nice and settled in. Should be a fun test, and a good post for Carteach0.

* Speaking of Blackhawk.... I had in mind to build a belt holster thingy for the Gladius Maximus flashlight I got from them. Something that would secure the light in brackets, but allow me to bring it into action just by grabbing it. I went so far as to draw up some napkin designs and buy a few fittings from the hardware store. THEN.... I looked on Blackhawk's site a little harder, and found out they already have such a beastie. Dang. Something else to buy and play with.

* Just now, a great big blueberry muffin is calling me with it's siren song, and my coffee mug has gone empty. Ya'll have a fine day, and I'll see ya on the flip side!

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