Saturday, May 21, 2011

The sun shines!

and mowing shall commence forthwith!

Considering the height of the vegetation in the 'back yard' (BWAHAHAH... he said Yard!) and the strange rustlings and blood curdling screams I have heard from out there lately, I think a slung shotgun shall be in order today. Between that and the .45, I should be okay. I hope.

Please note the label on the box my brandy new mower came in. 'Not for sale in Califreakia'. I take that as a sign of serious quality in a machine. Anything those hippy twits manage to ban must actually work, and work well.

Time to venture forth, and tame the misbegotten jungle which is our... yard.

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JohnMXL said...

I'm guessing the difference is that the CA version doesn't have a sharpened blade - probably a waiting period for that - or the pull rope is too short for an infant to strangle himself with or some such "Consumer Protection" crud as that.

Either that or it's $400 more expensive because it has to have electronic fuel injection and a catalytic converter in order to meet tailpipe emissions standards.