Thursday, December 29, 2011

In which I own a Garand.....

I awoke as usual this morning, at O'Dark Thirty. Given this is the 'Christmas Break' for school, and knowing my biggest hurdle of the day was an afternoon appointment, I allowed the warm covers to lure me back into their comfort, and I own a Garand.

This half sleep, half waking luxury lasted till the windows began their gentle glow as the sun rose. Normally I see the glow from behind my windshield as I drive to work, as I am unwilling to give up that quiet hour before students arrive, and I own a Garand.

No, this morning was a special one, as I managed to sleep in so peacefully. During one of the barely lucid periods where one surfaces from sleep just enough to be aware of surroundings, I heard the oil furnace kick on. The hot water pipes give a delightful tink-tink-ping when this happens, and I own a Garand.

Laying there, the thought came that I seldom heard the furnace on in the morning after a night of running the wood stove. The old beast usually managed to keep the house warm all night, another of life's luxuries to be savored, and I own a Garand.

All too soon, my brain recalled that oil furnaces burn... oil. Expensive oil, and I have almost three cords of good wood stacked in the driveway. Brain realized I could stop the furnace from coming on simply by loading up the wood stove and getting it roaring again on this twenty degree morning (OMG, I own a GARAND?)

This was the thought that overpowered the deep comfort and warmth of my bed this morning, and wedged my chubby butt up enough to stagger down the stairs. Taking things in order of importance, a morning ritual, stoke the stove with some care, and then grind the beans for blessed coffee, and my GARAND is laying RIGHT THERE!

Did I mention I own a Garand now?


Anonymous said...

So are we to understand that a Garand has taken up residence at your house? Happy you must be! Rey B

freddyboomboom said...

I actually have happy memories of carrying a demilled Garand through recruit training.

I always wished it wasn't demilled, and someone would teach me how to use the interesting sights.

Enjoy your Garand!

Roger said...

Congratulations! Welcome (Pling) to the family of Garand owners. You will soon (Pling) learn of IMR 4895 & CCI primers. (Pling) good quality 150 grain ~ 175 grain bullets (Pling) and the use of the 1917 sling (Pling)
Keep it clean, keep it loaded and shoot the nasty zombies before they get you. (Pling!)

Old NFO said...

Welcome to the 'club' now join GCA and get access to CMP for ammo and 'other stuff'... :-)

og said...

I have had this same sort of emotion since the day I first got my double rifle.