Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gun show report, inside edition, part 1

Step one: Get ready for tomorrow, with more 'stuff' for the table(s).

Step two: Pour something quite large and very alcoholic.

Step three: Decompress.

The show at our local gun club is going swimmingly, at least from me small part of it. Every table (some tens of them) was full and the stock looked good. A fair number of the 'dealers' are just regular folks like me. Club members with some accumulated goodies to sell, trade, show off, etc.

Till 12ish, it was swamped all the way. I swapped a fair amount of assets for cash, which now resides in the safe. I turned some things I am not using or don't need badly into a few months house rent.

Incoming? I glanced at the neighbors table (club Pres), and spotted a Gamo Whisper Deluxe Air Rifle

Now, this is an air rifle I have kind of wanted since I first heard of it. Powerful, accurate, quiet... in fact so quiet it's 'outlawed' in some places as a 'suppressed' rifle. The asking price... seemed reasonable. A few moments with my magic handy dandy smart phone looking up the Gamo rifle, and I all but fell over getting back to buy it. Gimme gimme gimme. I was able to snag the very kewl air rifle for about 1/4 what it sells for new, including three cans of Gamo pellets.

As an aside... when i got home, a mere few minutes later I was in the backyard pounding steel with the Whisper. It does EXACTLY what Gamo says it will. The only noise is the sproing of the spring piston, unless one chooses the PBA lightweight pellets, which go way faster than the speed of the sound... and make a fair crack. This writer is mightily pleased.

Outgoing? A bunch of small items, and a few long guns. A Mosin, an H+R .410, and sadly..... the Armalite AR180b. I priced it high enough that I would be happy if it sold, as I would also be happy if it came back home. That said, I watched the man walk away.... and now I'm not so sure I'm happy it sold. It may need to be replaced with an M-4.

One shocker... a gentleman walking by the table said "Is that Hatcher? Just what you said you would be reading!" Seems he's a regular reader here... and I think it may be the first time an unplanned stranger has mentioned being a blog reader. Yes... I know... I get lots of readers on the other blog, and just a few here.... but damn.... that was a shot in the ego.

Back to it tomorrow, with an extra table to boot. My neighbor for the day is not returning tomorrow, and the club wants full tables, and.... Now I have twice as much space to fill for the same money.

Now, where is that bottle of rum?