Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday morning bits and pieces....

No... the food porn is not this mornings breakfast. It's simply a reminder to myself of what I am NOT having.... as there is no time. It's time to pack up and head to the gun show, setting up tables again. If lucky, there will be a sandwich in my future involving bacon.

Couple thoughts I am thunking over coffee this early hour.....

Yesterday I sold the AR180b. That was my "Oh Looky! A Horde of Zombies" rifle. Should I replace it with an AR15(ish) velcro rifle, which I can use in the rifle matches when it's not posted to zombie watch?

Today on the table, I am putting out the Savage 22-250 single shot varmint rifle. This long heavy bastich will plop 3400fps 52 grain bullets into an inch at 200 yards All... Day...Long. It will be priced at a figure that won't break my heart to see it go, and I'll send along it's favorite hand load and a slew of brass to boot.

Should it sell, will I replace it with another long range accurate rifle? Perhaps a bolty .308 of heavy barrel persuasion.

Quandry.... could I replace BOTH rifles with just one.... set up to do both jobs..... for under a grand?

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Old NFO said...

I'd think you're better off with two... You'd end up with some kind of bastard rifle that wouldn't work well in EITHER situation!