Monday, March 12, 2012

If you want someone's attention..... just whisper.

Quick update on the only purchase I made after manning a table at the gun show all weekend... well... aside from a stack of books. That would be this: Gamo Whisper air rifle

After a VERY enjoyable hour exploring the potential of this air rifle, I have ordered a substantial pile of pellets. The Whisper is not going in the gun safe, as I expect to be using it far too often to spend time spinning the dial. It is, in fact, residing right next to the back door. I'm considering installing a rack there, and making it the permanent 'Whisper' home.

I'm downright sorry I didn't get one of these a long time ago.....


Peter said...

I'd love to see a full review of this airgun in due course. I'm considering getting one myself (although a cheaper, single-shot model), and I'd love to hear how this one's held up under reasonably heavy use (which is what I'm presuming you'll give it).

Carteach0 said...

Peter, one will be coming. There's already something up on Carteach0.

This one is a single shot, like most of the good ones are. There are some multi-shot models of this quality, and they are PRICEY.

This is the nicest one I have owned, having been through a handful of cheaper ones. We shall see how it holds with time, but so far I'm a happy camper.