Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In the last days..... (School Notes)

Yesterday began the last three weeks of school. Now, when grades are mostly in place for the year and not much a student does will change them..... NOW is when their true character shines through.

For some, that character shines like a beacon on the shores of a dark sea, showing a safe and true path. For other students, the shine is more like a malevolent glint from the lanterns at the gates of hell.

Either way, we are going to be hip deep in it for the next three weeks.

Yesterday I race-walked the halls, taking class photos. The request to do so came from a fellow instructor, as the graphics teacher was needful of a hand in this. Being 'allowed' to do this took two weeks of requests for permission to leave my classroom during the school day, finally culminating in a written authorization to do so. After all that.... I am approached in the hall by the Demi-Head tie guy and asked to shoot forty or fifty candid photos this week, so he can make his end of year presentation around them.

Oh... I'm going to shoot them, and even 'shop them so they really stand out. The thing is... now I face a severe moral dilemma regarding all the subtle ways I could make this man look the fool. I won't do it, I suppose, but the temptation .....

In other instructor news, one of our best and nicest teachers discovered a student stealing money from his wallet over a period of time. This guy is so nice, he would have given the young man money if he had needed it and asked... but no.... sparkles had to sneak into the instructor gear and steal it.

The schools reaction? Seven days detention.... because anything more would have resulted in a determination hearing, and those are SOoooooo much work. Now this instructor has to spend his days looking at the low life scheming thief who stole from him, and got no punishment other than a few days off to spend the money he stole.

No... the school did not make the student return the money. That too would be SOOooo much paperwork. I guess thieves respect the work of thieves.

When I think of what that school was... how great it was... and how it's fallen now...

In other news, yesterday I took a few minutes to tell my own class how I felt about them, and about this past year. How proud I am of them for the growth they have made, and how some of them have my greatest respect. I told them, truthfully, that I wished I owned my own business as I would happily hire a bunch of them, and never look back in regret.

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Rita Mosquita said...

In a former school of mine, the truth about the deposed leader has come to light as she was terminated at a public meeting. I continue to learn of the facts of her reign of hell. It is not pretty.

Some people do not handle power well, and it is a matter of time before it comes back to bite them back.