Thursday, January 24, 2013


Captains log, Star Date 00002.655....... 'Oh Boy, It Snowed!'

Hisself the honorable Captain Crabby roused at the unhappy hour of 5 am this morning.  Clearly, some serious body-clock reprogramming must be put on the To-Do list.

Speaking of To-Do lists, is it significant that I had to single space mine for the day, just to fit it on one page?   Perhaps the grasp overestimates the reach.   What is significant is the list includes things that are likely to finance a months fine living at Castle Cranky.  Put together with yesterday (The first day of freedom), it's looking to be a successful week.

Speaking of yesterday, the 80K BTU heater came into play, and in short order made the workshop into a quite livable area.   Yours truly celebrated by cranking out a few hundred articles of AR fodder.  Given today's pricing, I feel that small gain should be noted in the accounting software :-)

On today's To-Do list, more of the same, and better.  Added will be Garand food and Snubby snacks.   

(As I type this, Bacon is cooking.... and the smell is.... AWESOME!)

Also on today's list..... a bit of a wander to a few local business's, and some not so local.  I wish to express my thanks to them for their stand on the Eastern Sports Show, and that broohaha. This will mean a stop at Trop Gun shop, and possibly a trek to Cabela's in Hamburg.  

For now, one must finish his bacon, and get one's arse in gear.  There is much to do, and only so much frigid daylight to do it in!   Ya'll have a fine day now!

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